DIY Lovely Easter Eggs


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What most attract us in the Easter Day may be the various colorful Easter eggs. They are usually drawn to be completely different looks and sometimes we can not help marveling at their creativity and rich imagination. Faced with the stereotyped eggs, do you want to draw the eggs by yourself?
We find it is not so difficult than we thought as a matter of fact. You can not only use oily pen or brushes to draw any patterns you like at the eggshell, but also use colorful fine lines to wind the egg. They can even be made to be accessories to match your daughter’s lovely party dresses!

Easter eggdrawneggs
Easter egg

string eggs boys eggs draw Easter egg detail



Real Wedding: Pastel and Fresh Wedding in Suffolk


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The wedding was held in a sunny fall day, and you can see the light blue sky and the fresh environment. The reason why today more and more people like to hold their weddings outside rather than in the hotel may be the countryside are more quiet and beautiful, enables us to enjoy the nature’s feeling. Even the wild flowers with no name are much more beautiful than those in the flower shops. So why not just come outside to hold your wedding? We all miss the flavour of nature!

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Arrangement of The Photo Wall


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One we get a new house, the first thing should do may be make a plan of decorating it. Faced with the blanket wall, do you have any good ideas? Now the photo wall is quite popular. We all have good memories in our daily lives and the photo wall can help us remember the happy and meaningful moments. They can show what the host used to do of the host and or they are just the collection of some photos without any meaning. Whatever, these photos make the house warmer and more colorful, reminding you of the valuable life and love between family members.
The popularity of photo wall reflects the psychological demands of the people: eager for warmth, memories and romance. Designers need to have strong composition ability to decide horizontal photos and vertical photos, color matching, one photo and group photos. The numbers of photos must not be too many, otherwise the entire wall will be very full, which makes people feel not enough fresh; simultaneously photos can not too large, making people repressed.

photo wall


Look at Her Back


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Those stars with perfect figures often show out their body part, and no doubt our beautiful brides also like the dresses which can highlight the body part which they are proud of. Today let’s have a look at the beautiful back design of the wedding dresses.
wedding dress pdq
V-shaped back is a very common design and in most cases the dress uses the same fabric to form the V-shape. Here we can see the bridal gown use a different fabric which is almost transparent to form this instruction. Also, sometimes we make some difference for the V-shape design such as adding the two bowknots.

wedding dress pdq
Hollow out design is often showing up in all kinds of dresses, so it’s not strange to see it on the back. Because of different fabrics and different shapes, the hollow out back can be diverse.

wedding dress pdq



Gorgeous Conflict – Regression of Color


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Tom Pecheux

There are always some styling in each fashion week leaving us a deep impression and Anthony Vaccarello 2012 ~ 2013 autumn and winter series is just a great example. It deliberately presented virility to form a contrast with the female confident feminine charm with the traditional men’s clothing tailoring and senior underwear elements, together with the glory of the 1950s charm.

Tom Pecheux
This gorgeous conflict, collision of masculine and tenderness, is described by Estee Lauder global makeup creative director Tom Pecheux into bold color collision and outline sketched. In Tom’s view, it’s may be quite interesting to abandon synonymous of strong woman- black, and use burgundy red eye makeup and glossy strokes to turn women’s inherent strength and self-confidence into elegant eye makeup lines. They are soft and full of strength, confident but not indifferent, and thus show the women’s changeable modern beauty.

It gradually become a fashion trend to use color to reflect the proportion of eye makeup. Using modern thinking to create sharp charm “smoked” feeling for eyes, focus should be put on the design for eye shape which is neither too bland nor conservative, thus the emphasis ought to be on less mascara and more saturation of color and gloss.
Makeup creative director Tom Pecheux use black eye shadow and a very thin brush to create hand-painted eyelashes full of sense of presence, appearing not only dramatic but also multi-leveled, and with brown egg-shaped eye makeup, two-color eyelashes and pink and tender lips, this highly three-dimensional color interpretation presented in the Derek Lam’s New York as well as Anthony Vaccarello’s show in Paris fashion Week. It’s funny and sexy.

Alberta Ferretti Spring 2013 in Milan Fashion Week


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Anyone who have seen the works of Alberta Ferretti must be impressed by her bold individualistic design and in 2013 she still brings us the new satisfying works. You can see the delicate lace design which looks like the flower growing from one’s body, and the nearly transparent fabric can almost show the models skin clearly, which may be unacceptable for many. Ferretti did seem to favor hems that hit just above the knee, ushering in a youthful mood that she balanced and covered up either with long sleeves, higher necks or lower shoes. This time, the light chiffon will make you eager for a summer holiday or a romantic night with your lover. Just have a look as follows.

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Various Polka Dots Change Your Look


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To those who have suffered from Trypophobia, the polka dots can be very terrible and unacceptable. However, in other people’s eyes, the polka dot element stands for beauty and fashion. As far as I am concerned, the polka dots are great for they can appear anywhere and make the overall look different. Generally, small polka dots appear to be more elegant while big polka dots seem wild and open.
If you think your clothes are monotonous, then you can match the solid-colored shirt with a polka dot skirt or the polka dot jacket with monochrome trousers, skirts. Further more, you can try on the long dress with all polka dots on it, and the dress color can be quite different. If the polka dots dress is too complicated, then wearing it with an outfit can be very nice.
polka dots fashion shirt

The polka dots hidden inside appear saucy!

polka dots sweater

Polka dots can also show up in sweaters, like it?

polka dots skirt

White shirt with little polka dots skirt is pure fresh and natural.

polka dots green dress

Polka dots on green background are a little different, but still pretty and full of summer feeling.

polka dots summer tops

I like the polka dot with chiffon lightsome layers design for it makes you idiosyncratic and more like a woman.

polka dots fashion element

Interesting big polka dots, and you can have a try.

2013 Spring New Pure Beauty: Ines Di Santo Wedding Dresses


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With Spring’s coming, people become more vibrant and happy than those days, so the hearts become more peaceful. Now Ines Di Santo brings us the new main song of this spring – pure delicate and noble!

Lots of beaded decorations are applied to these bridal gowns, which makes the dresses more luxury especially together with the silk or bright taffeta fabrics. However, the lithe transparent white chiffon and tulle make the bridal gowns pure and charming from another angle. And I have to say the mermaid style dresses really perfectly show off the mature lady’s charm, so I think they will win thousands of ladies’ hearts, won’t they?

This Spring, Wear Floral Clothing!


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spring fashionable wearing

Spring is a season full of life’s breath when plants breed new lives and we can see various colorful flowers and green grass everywhere. It’s really a good time for wearing floral clothing!


floral tops floral tops
Look at the two girls, they wear the completely different floral tops. One wears the fresh light cream-colored T-shirt with red flowers on it, appearing to be vibrant and sweet especially together with the floral bracelet. The other girl wears the black T-shirt with pink flowers on show a quite different mature feeling. The common point of them is that they all wear so simple trousers or skirt, which makes the overall look more harmonious.


floral trousers floral trousers
Being different from the two photos above, the two girls here wear the floral trousers instead of tops. We can easily find that both of them wear the clothes that are of the same color scheme with the trousers, so that the overall look will not be complicated and confused. The blue big floral trousers with bright blue shirt looks bold and avantgarde, which is suitable for the fashionable girls who like trying new things and adventure. The light colored trousers with the champagne sweater show the elegant sweet feeling, so the girls who want to be lovely and refined can try the style.

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Drop Shoulder Design in Wedding Dresses


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The conventional necklines for wedding dresses include strapless, off the shoulder, V-neck and some other types. Actually, there are many kinds of necklines which are quite different from the conventional designs today, so the dress can be with straps, but not the spaghetti straps or the strapless ones. Here the drop shoulder design includes both the straight neckline dresses and the dresses with straps which are oblique or unusual.
The reason why most brides like the dresses with straps which look like to be falling may be that the neckline appears to be more sexy and alluring. Besides, it can better show the perfect neck skin off. Following are some bridal gowns with such kind drop shoulder design, and you can find the distinctive feeling from them.

drop shoulder bridal gown drop shoulder bridal gown drop shoulder bridal gown drop shoulder bridal gown drop shoulder bridal gown