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When Charles and Harrison met Liz the first time, they fell in love with this girl at the same time, but the difference was that Harrison showed his love and told Charles while Charles merely hid the love in his heart. After that, Harrison began running after Liz. He came up with so many romantic ideas and sometimes even ask Charles for help. Charles could do nothing but help his friend despite the fact that he was loving Liz all the same. Gradually, Liz started dating with Harrison and her attitude changed, and their relations changed obviously.

One day Harrison told Charles that he was preparing to make marriage proposal to Liz, when Charles was shocked but he pretended to be all right. With painful heart, Charles still managed to think out romantic ideas to make proposal. Finally, Harrison created a romantic proposal to Liz with Charles idea and Liz accepted. Everyone was laughing and gave their best wishes to this new couple, while only Charles felt breathless.

In fact, Charles has the same opportunities with Harrison, but he chooses to escape. Perhaps it’s awkward to lose heart to the same person with your friend. Nevertheless, be brave to pursue true love is right, otherwise, you may regret for your whole life. True love is worth making efforts and overcoming difficulties all the way.

true love

If you don’t want to be the second Charles, you must confess to your sweetheart, showing your true heart. Remember that it’s always no wrong with love. When she is coming to you, don’t miss the chance. Even if you fail at last, you won’t regret when you are old at least.