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You must have attended a variety of weddings and most of them are themed-wedding. Themed wedding is quite popular these days because it may show the newlywed’s personality and make the wedding distinctive. Then how to decide a wedding theme? Perhaps we can consider this question from three aspects.

By location
lawn wedding
Beach, manor, hotel, lawns, etc.

It’s a easy way to understand and carry out. For example, the wedding is held on beach or manor, then this is a form of wedding theme. The common word “beach wedding” just is a typical kind.

By color
purple wedding
Classic white, enthusiastic orange, fresh green, etc.

It’s not difficult to get it that many weddings now use color as wedding theme. The newlywed who want to highlight the fresh and natural feeling would like to select green as the main color, while those who want prominent holy and pure scene choose white color. You can also choose your favourite color as your wedding theme.

By subject
fairy tale wedding
Low-carbon, fantasy fairy tale, Christmas, etc.

Except for location and color, a standard themed wedding is based on a particular holiday or special significance subject such as low-carbon , exotic wedding.