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Provence lavender

What’s the other name of romance? Many people will answer Paris, because Paris has been well-known as the romantic city, but Provence can also deserve the reputation. Provence lavender field is a dreamy place to get married for many girls.

Provence wedding

Golden sunshine, purple lavender with fragrance from the garden flowers around, a bride in white wedding dress is walking slowly to the audience. This is a typical fragment of a Provence wedding. Provence has been one of newlyweds’ most desirable wedding city for the lavender’s pure purple is the best interpretation of romantic love.

Provence Lavender wedding

Imagine fields of bright purple and delicate mauve under a deep blue sky, take a deep breath and experience the true scent and colour of Provence. Provence air is always filled with the aroma of lavender, thyme, pine, and this aroma becomes the most distinctive smell of southern France. In 1988, when Vincent van Gogh first came to Arles, the first one welcoming him might be the purple lavender everywhere. Provence is just a romantic city full of art glamour and natural beauty.