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Have you ever read the book “love letter”? Have you ever seen the film “love letter”? If your answer is yes, then you must have remembered Fujii Hiroko deeply. This is the love caused by same name.

love letter
Fujii Hiroko(Female) and Fujii Hiroko(Male) meet in their secondary school. The two have the same name and they happen to be arranged in the same class. Then a series of affairs happens. Teachers often mistaken their test papers and even make wrong phone calls to the other’s family. On the Fujii Hiroko(Female) part, it’s not a nice memory in the secondary school because she is frequently made jokes on since there’s another Fujii Hiroko.

love rose letter
However, the fact is quiet different from what Fujii Hiroko(Female) thinks. Fujii Hiroko(Male) deliberately takes her test paper and bully her. He even go to the library to write down her name again and again, but she just think he is writing his own name.

love book
Is every one the same? They secretly love but pretend to be indifferent. We miss many things, miss so much love, but it’s not because we don’t want. When we are at a young age, we are not brave enough, so we just leave her sweet smile in heart. Puberty is only once in one’s life, and you choose so obscure love. For so many years, the fool haven’t found the other fool used to love her so deeply and completely at their good old days.

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