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Winter comes softly. In the street are no longer the colorful lightsome chiffon skirts, and the substances are heavy sweaters and outfits. Never take the sweaters as out-dated and annoying goods for they cover your beautiful body shape. Wearing sweaters can also be fashionable and fabulous.

sweaterThis black and white colored sweater has some Bohemian style. It’s fine-grained patterns show a little vintage feeling.

sweaterWearing sweaters with shirt inside is not a new idea, but it’s still recommendable. This light green colored sweater looks fresh, which is suitable for young vibrant girls. In the cold winter, the pale green gives out the spring breath. As this sweater has no complicated patterns, collocating some necklaces seems quite well.

sweaterThis dark grey sweater is a bit loose so that wearing this style sweater appears the holiday languid feeling. The color dark grey seems a little mature, suitable for petite women. Additionally, the large collar design enables some part of the shoulder exposed, appearing sexy.

sweater4The loose fluffy sweater is the favourite of lovely girls. It’s also very warm with a big furry hat. Shorts with silk stockings are fashionable wearing practice nowadays, but here the shorts appear casual, and the overall image becomes casual and stylish.

sweater6The pale coffee color together with the wine red looks harmonious. The black leather shoes, hat and red bag enhance visual impact. Starched hat and shirt strengthen the England distinctive cool feeling.