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Here comes the freezing winter and most people who love beauty have to change their dresses to thick warm sweaters. Then how to create highlights for your sweaters? Girls must be familiar with the sweater necklace.
sweater necklaceThis sweater necklace is very delicate, and the earth shaped pendant is so special. The girl wears a light green sweater with dark green trousers, forming a fresh early spring look, and the necklace is also in color green, coordinated with the whole look.

sweater necklaceBeing different from the first long sweater necklace, this one is a short style with bigger pendants. This sweater necklace is also in color green, which echos the shoes color and contrast to the sweater color. As a result, it looks obvious and the light green together with bright yellow also sends out the spring lively breath.

sweater necklaceThe complicated designed sweater necklace appears especially eye-catching against the pure white sweater. The necklace looks like a big butterfly, adding charm to the enchanting look.

sweater necklaceThis long golden necklace perfectly decorates the blanket at front. Also, it’s a highlight among the dark blue colored coat and scarf. A fine long sweater necklace can make a original neutral appearance become much more feminine.

sweater necklaceIf you are fond of the shiny sweaters, then you can consider this kind short blingbling necklace. It embodies the glistening curvaceous beauty and fits into the similar colored sweater.