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These days the simple designed goods have been quite popular among people, and there’s no douted that this trend has already extended to the jewelry circle. For instant, the simple designed fine bracelet is very hot for its elegance and beauty.

silver infinity bracelet
Look at this bracelet totally made of silver. Bracelets like this are usually composed by a fine chain or two and a main little decoration. Silver fine chain can highlight the good skin and appears elegant so that this jewelry is suitable for a evening party or daily use whenever you want to have a graceful goddess look. Besides, the different shaped decoration adds a little charm, which make up the monotony of the single plain chain.

simple blue bracelet
Apart from the metal bracelet, we can also find some bracelet made of other material such as thread, stone and so on. This is a fine bracelet consisting of blue beads, which looks simple and fresh. The distinct blue color can be matched well with white dresses in summer days.

crystal bracelet
Crystal is another decoration many girls like for its beamy and transparent look. Three beads with a purple thread, which is very simple yet stylish.

hand-knitted bracelet

Some girls like the hand-knitted bracelets. This is just a hand-knitted bracelet, which is as simple as other bracelets. White and blue appear neither monotonous nor complicated, so you can also wear it to many occasions. What’s more, you can even weave one by yourself.