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lucky four leave clover

The legendary Clover is brought from Garden of Eden to earth by Eve, whose florid is happiness, so it’s the symbol of luck all over the world. It’s said that the probability to find one four-leaved clover is about only one in 100,000, since it has merely three leaves in most circumstances. In the legend, the four leaves of the clover have four different meanings, in which the first one means love, the second one means health, the third leaf stands for glory and the forth one is the symbol of riches. I believe that most of us have learned about the legend of clover, but have you ever thought about to use the lucky four-leaved clover as your wedding theme or just use the element in the big day?
As we all want to receive best wishes in the wedding, why not take the clover as one element of the wedding into consideration? In fact, they can appear in any places of the wedding such as the bridal gowns or bridesmaid dress, bridal accessories, tablewares, wedding invitations or other decorations. Not only the four-leaved clover has a lucky meaning, but also it’s beautiful enough which is worth using on the vital day. It’s really a good idea to get married accompanied by best wishes, isn’t it?

four leave clover necklace four leave clover wedding reception four leave clover earring four leave clover necklace four_leaf_clover_pendant_wedding_necklace four leave clover wedding invitation  four leave clover wedding decoration at table

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