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Hate it or love it, the rivet fashion comes to us and has been an essential part of fashion circle; it appears anywhere including clothes, bags , shoes or even scarves. In numerous people’s eyes, rivet is the symbol of wild ungovernable character. Especially when a woman who has been the representative of being soft and elegant wear the outfit with rivet embellishment, she instantly changes to be cool or crazy, and that’s the magic by rivet.

rivet black leather jacketPICTURE 1.The most common place for rivet to appear is the leather jacket. Just as the girl in the picture, leather jacket itself has the handsome feeling of men, and the rivet decoration undoubtedly adds more sporty sense. Rivet leather jacket matches the chunky heels strengthen the heavy metal rock style.

leisure rivet jeansPICTURE 2.Comparing to the first girl, the second one appears much soft, and this feeling may caused by the light colored jeans. Light yellow long hair together with the pale blue jeans creates a graceful gentle image, so the rivet decoration at front makes the whole look a bit distinctive and nifty rather than the strong man feeling. Besides, the wearing reminds me of the singer Avril Lavigne.

wine red long dress with rivet handbagPICTURE 3.The third one is quite different from the above two for this time the girl wears a long dress inside with a nice coat outside. The whole look is elegant and full of the beauty which belongs to the mature women only. Here we can see the rivet appear at the handbag, which adds some femininity. Plus, rivet used as decoration for handbags is very common, so you can have a try anytime.

rivet clothes and shoesPICTURE 4.Rivet at the collar echoes the rivet at the boots, and they makes the whole look has an associative perception. When we plan to wear the rivet clothes, it’s a good idea to collocate them with some other accessories or shoes decorated by rivet.

white rivet handbagPICTURE 5.It’s still a black leather jacket and still a rivet handbag, but the difference is that rivet appears with white colored accessory and the combination produces a completely different feeling mixing alluring and refined sense. The fact proves that rivet with white color is also a worthwhile try.

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