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Lighting for wedding is significant especially when it is in the night for wedding reception. Some one likes to use chandeliers with glass pendant while others prefer the traditional candles to construct atmosphere. Considering the selection of candles, a great many people have no explicit ideas, so let’s share three ways to get a creative impressive wedding candle.

The Shape And Pattern of Candle
Candle can be in quite different shapes and colors for its soft material, so when choosing a wedding candle, you can have a look at the various of shapes. They can be made to be a flower or an insect, and they can be in pale yellow or dark black, so according to the wedding theme color to select suitable colors and choose the shapes you like. Besides, some candles are in common shape and white color, but there are some interesting drawing on the surface, which is also worth taking into consideration.pink creative candle holder wedding candle flower shaped candles pale yellow bee candle for wedding
Candle Holder
In some cases, candles are designed to be ordinary without any creativity, but the candle holders are fabulous. As a result, you might as well consider taking a candle holder whose shape is a bit strange or brilliant while the candles are general. Some shops offer the customized service, so that you can make the candle holder the shape you like to be.

blue candle holder flower shaped candle holder box candle holder crystal wedding candle holder
Candles Combinate with Other Decorations
Except for the two ways above, there is another way for reference. You can combinate the candle with other decorative elements. For example, put some flowers in the transparent candle holder, and that would make the candles instantly romantic.

candles with flowers in wedding heartshaped candle for wedding

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