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spring fashionable wearing

Spring is a season full of life’s breath when plants breed new lives and we can see various colorful flowers and green grass everywhere. It’s really a good time for wearing floral clothing!


floral tops floral tops
Look at the two girls, they wear the completely different floral tops. One wears the fresh light cream-colored T-shirt with red flowers on it, appearing to be vibrant and sweet especially together with the floral bracelet. The other girl wears the black T-shirt with pink flowers on show a quite different mature feeling. The common point of them is that they all wear so simple trousers or skirt, which makes the overall look more harmonious.


floral trousers floral trousers
Being different from the two photos above, the two girls here wear the floral trousers instead of tops. We can easily find that both of them wear the clothes that are of the same color scheme with the trousers, so that the overall look will not be complicated and confused. The blue big floral trousers with bright blue shirt looks bold and avantgarde, which is suitable for the fashionable girls who like trying new things and adventure. The light colored trousers with the champagne sweater show the elegant sweet feeling, so the girls who want to be lovely and refined can try the style.

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