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One we get a new house, the first thing should do may be make a plan of decorating it. Faced with the blanket wall, do you have any good ideas? Now the photo wall is quite popular. We all have good memories in our daily lives and the photo wall can help us remember the happy and meaningful moments. They can show what the host used to do of the host and or they are just the collection of some photos without any meaning. Whatever, these photos make the house warmer and more colorful, reminding you of the valuable life and love between family members.
The popularity of photo wall reflects the psychological demands of the people: eager for warmth, memories and romance. Designers need to have strong composition ability to decide horizontal photos and vertical photos, color matching, one photo and group photos. The numbers of photos must not be too many, otherwise the entire wall will be very full, which makes people feel not enough fresh; simultaneously photos can not too large, making people repressed.

photo wall