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To those who have suffered from Trypophobia, the polka dots can be very terrible and unacceptable. However, in other people’s eyes, the polka dot element stands for beauty and fashion. As far as I am concerned, the polka dots are great for they can appear anywhere and make the overall look different. Generally, small polka dots appear to be more elegant while big polka dots seem wild and open.
If you think your clothes are monotonous, then you can match the solid-colored shirt with a polka dot skirt or the polka dot jacket with monochrome trousers, skirts. Further more, you can try on the long dress with all polka dots on it, and the dress color can be quite different. If the polka dots dress is too complicated, then wearing it with an outfit can be very nice.
polka dots fashion shirt

The polka dots hidden inside appear saucy!

polka dots sweater

Polka dots can also show up in sweaters, like it?

polka dots skirt

White shirt with little polka dots skirt is pure fresh and natural.

polka dots green dress

Polka dots on green background are a little different, but still pretty and full of summer feeling.

polka dots summer tops

I like the polka dot with chiffon lightsome layers design for it makes you idiosyncratic and more like a woman.

polka dots fashion element

Interesting big polka dots, and you can have a try.